Reliving a Fashion Moment: ‘The Crown’ Recreates Kate Middleton’s Iconic Sheer Runway Dress

As Netflix’s critically acclaimed series “The Crown” delves into the early days of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s romance, one particular fashion moment has captured the attention of viewers worldwide – the recreation of Kate’s sheer runway dress.

In a pivotal scene from Season 6, Part 2, actress Meg Bellamy, who portrays a young Kate Middleton, gracefully walks the runway in a striking black slip dress remarkably similar to the one Middleton wore during a 2002 charity fashion show at the University of St. Andrews.

The original dress, designed by Middleton’s fellow student Charlotte Todd, was a daring choice for the future princess, featuring a sheer overlay that revealed a simple black bra underneath. The dress quickly became an iconic fashion moment, capturing the essence of Middleton’s youthful confidence and style.

In recreating the dress for “The Crown,” the costume department meticulously replicated the design, paying close attention to the delicate fabric, the intricate draping, and the overall silhouette. The result is a stunning homage to the original, capturing the essence of the dress without losing its authenticity.

The decision to recreate Middleton’s runway dress is not merely a nod to fashion history; it serves as a significant moment in the narrative of “The Crown.” The scene showcases Kate’s burgeoning confidence and her willingness to embrace her individuality, traits that would become defining characteristics of her royal persona.

The dress also symbolizes the budding romance between Kate and William, who reportedly first laid eyes on each other during the fashion show. The scene captures their mutual attraction and hints at the enduring love story that would unfold over the years.

The recreation of Middleton’s runway dress has resonated with “The Crown” viewers, sparking discussions about fashion, the portrayal of young royals, and the power of a well-chosen costume. It serves as a reminder of the enduring influence of fashion, even within the confines of historical storytelling.

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