Seth Meyers Takes Aim at George Santos’s Lavish Lifestyle

In a scathing commentary on NBC’s late-night talk show, “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” host Seth Meyers skewered Congressman George Santos for his extravagant spending habits, particularly his alleged use of campaign funds for personal expenses like Botox and OnlyFans subscriptions.

Meyers, known for his sharp wit and political satire, wasted no time in addressing the controversy surrounding Santos’s financial misappropriation. He joked that Santos’s spending list resembled “the shopping list of a 98-year-old oil tycoon’s 20-year-old wife.”

The late-night host delved into the specifics of Santos’s alleged expenses, highlighting the absurdity of using campaign funds for personal indulgences like spa days, trips to Atlantic City, and designer goods. Meyers remarked that Santos’s OnlyFans purchases were particularly puzzling, wondering if the congressman was “alienating his only fans.”

Meyers’s commentary was not merely a lighthearted jab; it carried a deeper message about the importance of financial accountability and ethical conduct among elected officials. He pointed out that Santos’s actions were not just about personal extravagance; they were also a betrayal of public trust and a misuse of taxpayer money.

The Santos scandal has sparked outrage and calls for accountability, and Meyers’s commentary added fuel to the fire. His use of humor and satire effectively exposed the absurdity of Santos’s behavior and highlighted the need for stricter oversight and ethical standards in politics.

Meyers’s ability to blend humor with social commentary is what has made him a popular and influential voice in late-night television. He consistently uses his platform to address important issues, from political scandals to social injustices, while never losing his comedic touch.

In the case of the George Santos scandal, Meyers’s commentary not only entertained viewers but also contributed to the ongoing conversation about the need for transparency and accountability among elected officials. His ability to make light of serious issues without diminishing their importance is a testament to his comedic skill and his commitment to social commentary.

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